Connect University

Here at Connect University we focus on building a stronger community. Its our goal to make it easier than ever to attend events, join groups, message new friends, and even save money at local businesses with exclusive discounts! What are you waiting for?!

Get Connected. Be Involved.

Discover Student Groups

Scroll the list of all groups and organizations on your campus to see which ones excite you the most and then get involved. Once you begin following a group, you are automatically added to the group’s chat and will be sent event invitations every time a new event is created!

Attend the Latest Events

See all the latest events going on in all corners of your campus so you never miss a beat. Whether you are looking for events offered by the organizations you follow or you are interested in seeing a campus wide event, they are all at your finger tips!

Chat with New Friends

Ever forget to ask for someones number or email in a class when you need to ask a question? We have you covered with our campus wide messaging platform. We make it easier then ever to stay in touch with the people that you will be working with. Lets make networking fun and simple!

Create Private Groups

We think its important to make it easier than ever to get together for reasons such as study sessions between students. Thats why Connect University allows students to create events through the direct chat messages that they apart of with their fellow students.

Save Money at Local Businesses!

Eating food on campus gets tiring, but going out to eat all the time can become expensive. Connect University has you covered with local discounts that will save you money!

Zack Martin

Marketing & Sales | UI/UX Designer


James Simoes

Project Manager, Lead Developer


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Samuel Custer

Lead UX Designer